Say goodbye to inaccurate, time-sucking old-school methods and say hello to our lightning-fast, easy to use system

Track time like a boss with real-time data and communication with the field.

By leveraging the power of facial recognition, geofencing, and time-stamping magic, a few simple clicks is all it takes to confirm identities, track locations, and master time and compliance.

Verify WHO clocks
in and out

Know who clocks in with easy to use facial recognition. Simple technology that your employees already use transforms your employees’ mobile devices or a work place tablet into time tracking powerhouses. Automatic identity confirmation coupled with time stamping, GPS and other robust features ensure accuracy, visibility and compliance.

See who is working and WHERE they are

GPS technology lets you know where your employees are without having to call and text to track them down. Geo-fence virtual boundaries are defined around specific areas so your employees are reminded to clock in when they enter and clock out when they leave.

Know precisely WHEN they are working

Accurately track employees breaks, meal time and other non-active working time. Ensure employees are taking the proper amount of time off during the day to be productive and safe. Receive notifications via email, SMS or in-app notification.

See HOW employees answer questions

Improve communications with the field and gather important information with mandatory questions. Keep your people and your business safe by staying on top of safety, risk and compliance issues. Monitor and document problems with real-time alerts and kick off workflows. Automate reminders for licenses, certifications and more to keep current and maintain compliance.

What our customers are saying

"Gander does what our last system promised to do. But it actually works, is cheaper and super easy to use."
- Sheryl P, Owner

"We're saving over 4 hours every week just on reduced admin for timekeeping. That translates into real money."
- Jason R, Director of Finance

"Accurate clock-ins versus rounding down to their scheduled time is saving me thousands per employee. 9:18 isn’t 9:00!"
- Carl D, Owner

"I can get a real-time picture of our project labor costs which is key to job profitability."
- David L, Manager

Seriously affordable.

It costs less than buying your employee a cup of coffee once a month.

We play nice with others

Integrating with finance, HR and other solutions is easy as pie.

No sweat setup.

Implementation is a breeze with no learning curve or wasted time.

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