We’re a bunch of time-tracking nerds

Solving problems with technology and data is kind of our thing


A few years ago we set out to solve our own timekeeping pains. We were over running around begging people for timecards and signatures just so we could pay them, yet also understood their frustration never knowing what their paycheck would be. We wanted to focus on our business, not timekeeping.

We decided that transparency on both sides was key. We were already tech nerds, so we pulled together facial recognition, GPS, and other advanced technologies and wrapped it all up in the cloud and the rest as they say was history.

It lived on the phone, something everyone already had and knew how to use, and it was crazy easy to do a timecard. Seriously – we even tested it with our Moms. We showed a few friends and they started using it, and they told a few friends, and voila – Gander was born!


Companies with field service workers across industries and across the country trust Gander to deliver powerful, accurate data to drive their business. From Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma we help businesses build better, clean faster, sell more, serve better and generally crush it.

Are you in the field services business and need to know who is where, at what time, and working on what job? Need to stay compliant with meal and break regs and committed to keeping your people safe?

We do that.


We help companies coast-to-coast kick basic timekeeping to the curb


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What our clients are saying

"Gander does what our last system promised to do. But it actually works, is cheaper and super easy to use."
- Sheryl P, Owner

"We're saving over 4 hours every week just on reduced admin for timekeeping. That translates into real money."
- Jason R, Director of Finance

"Accurate clock-ins versus rounding down to their scheduled time is saving me thousands per employee. 9:18 isn’t 9:00!"
- Carl D, Owner

"I can get a real-time picture of our project labor costs which is key to job profitability."
- David L, Manager

Shoutout to a few of our rockstar customers


  • Mike uses Gander data for job costing to make smarter bids
  • Dave’s crew takes photos of their work with a GPS and time stamp for their records
  • Sheryl moved from paper time cards and weekly headaches to smooth and easy digital time tracking
  • Bill stays compliant with California’s strict wage and hour laws
  • Megan does payroll 80% faster with accurate time data and a one button import to QuickBooks
  • Jim stomped out buddy punching and is saving big bucks
  • Melissa makes sure her home health care nurses stay safe by asking if they have all their PPE at clock in and if they had any needle sticks or other issues at clock out

Ditch paper timecards today

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