Track more than hours and minutes and know more with powerful, easy to use, digital time tracking.

Boost profits by unlocking detailed, real-time data everywhere work happens.

Powerful, affordable, easy to use timekeeping that employees actually love to use.

Get rid of paper timecards and start saving today.

We make tracking time and compliance easy so you save money and reduce risk.

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Track Time

  • Eliminate manual timecards
  • Remove collection chaos
  • Ensure employee accountability
  • Automatically confirm identity
  • See where your crew is in real time
  • Stop time theft and buddy punching
  • Send notifications and reminders

Boost Profitability

  • Reduce timekeeping admin burden
  • Improve accuracy and save money
  • Track job costs with real-time data
  • Make faster, smarter decisions
  • Allocate time by project
  • Stay on schedule and on budget
  • Seamlessly export to payroll

Be Compliant

  • Protect your business
  • Keep secure records
  • Reduce risk with active attestation
  • Track meal and rest breaks
  • Collect data with questions
  • Document work
  • Keep employees safe

What our customers are saying

"Gander does what our last system promised to do. But it actually works, is cheaper and super easy to use."
- Sheryl P, Owner

"We're saving over 4 hours every week just on reduced admin for timekeeping. That translates into real money."
- Jason R, Director of Finance

"Accurate clock-ins versus rounding down to their scheduled time is saving me thousands per employee. 9:18 isn’t 9:00!"
- Carl D, Owner

"I can get a real-time picture of our project labor costs which is key to job profitability."
- David L, Manager

Stop chasing employees for timecards, missing data and signatures.

With Gander you'll have time to

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